In order to minimize its carbon footprint Dun-Rite is turning an otherwise mineable field, at the Vineland facility, into a 6800 panel, 1.6 mega-watt solar array. This will enable Dun-Rite to lessen its dependency on fossil fuels while helping reduce the peak demand on Vineland electric.

The project, started in early march 2011, is expected to be complete by the end of May 2011.

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[image title=”Preparations are complete. Work can begin on the array. “][/image]
[image title=”These are the storage trailers to house the panels while the frame work is completed. “][/image]
[image title=”The first pilings are being driven to hold the panel framework. “][/image]
[image title=”This is the contractor installing the array, Ray Angelini inc. (RAI). The material for the framework can be seen in the background, just over the truck bed. “][/image]
[image title=”Here you can see the supports that hold the panels at the right angle to the sun. “][/image]
[image title=”The framework to hold the panels in place are installed, and the conduit is in place for one of the transformers. “][/image]
[image title=”In this picture you can see the workers installing the panels themselves. You can see the back of them at the bottom of the framework. “][/image]