Sand & Gravel Services - Dunrite Sand & GravelSand & Gravel Services – Dunrite Sand and Gravel proudly maintains a record of customer service excellence, offering several services to meet the customer’s needs. On-site pick-up for sand, clay, gravel, and stone, in addition to factory or job site delivery within our service areas, is available. Dunrite Sand and Gravel is a member of ASTM standards organization with three DOT-certified lab technicians on staff to guarantee the quality and certification of our gravel products.

Common Uses of Stones, Sand & Gravel

Sand, gravel, and stone are common materials used in construction and landscaping. Sand is often used as a base material for pavers and concrete, while gravel is commonly used for driveways, pathways, and drainage systems. Stones are often used for decorative purposes, such as creating a natural-looking border around flower beds or creating a focal point in a landscaping design. Each of these materials has its unique characteristics and can be used in various ways to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces.

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