Dunrite Sand and Gravel thermal sand has been approved by the labs that test materials for PECO, PSE&G, Con Ed and Atlantic Electric.

Thermal sand is widely used throughout the power industry to improve underground electrical cable performance. An electrical cable is limited by the temperature that the insulation can withstand. The more power or current that is flowing through the conductor, the more heat is generated by the cable.

Burying the cable in the ground increases the cable capacity. The ground takes heat away from the insulation, reducing the cable temperature. Thermal sand is a way of increasing this thermal heat transfer.

Thermal sand is now widely used when installing underground cables. The thermal sand is rated or tested to provide a known heat transfer efficiency. The cable and the thermal sand are installed so that the thermal sand is in direct contact with the cable. The thermal sands high heat transfer efficiency ensures the heat generated by the cable is transferred from the cable through the thermal sand to the surrounding earth.

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