ThermalRite Sand is used throughout the power industry to improve underground electrical cable performance. A unique blended product, ThermalRite Sand is a non-corrosive, non-reactive material demonstrating the thermal resistivity required for use in high voltage applications.

Cables perform differently depending on where and how they are installed. Burying them in the ground increases cable capacity with the ground acting as a heat sink taking heat away from the insulation and reducing the cable’s temperature. The ability of the surrounding soil to transfer the heat determines whether an operating cable remains cool or overheats. ThermalRite Sand uniquely increases this thermal heat transfer.


ThermalRite Sand improves the external thermal environment and accurately defines the soil and backfill thermal rho. This results in a 10% to 15% increase in cable amp capacity, with 30% improvements noted in some cases.

DunRite materials satisfy the thermal and mechanical requirements stipulated by AECOM for encapsulating the cable pipes, and are rated and tested to ensure the heat generated by the cable is transferred through the thermal sand to the surrounding earth to reduce resistive losses better than other backfill. On projects where access is needed on a continuing basis, material can be dug out by hand to continue on with the next day’s work.

ThermalRite Sand has been approved by the labs that test materials for PECO, PSE&G, Con Ed and Atlantic City Electric.

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