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$8.00 Per Ton

* All prices are based on pick up at our facility with Free on Board loading (FOB).

Delivery is available. Please call 856-825-9900 for a custom quote. Deliveries will be made as requested via Truck. DunRite Sand and Gravel shall not be held liable for damages to private property when delivery is required beyond curb line. When such delivery is required, it is purchaser's responsibility to provide adequate roadways and other facilities for safe and proper unloading.

Return/Refund Policy - Not Applicable.

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From prehistoric times, clay has been indispensable in architecture, industry and agriculture. Our Lean Clay and Fatty Clay meet the NJDEP certified clean requirements, and have a wide range of uses. For example, our products have been used for sub bases and sculpting at various levels, and have been tested for ASTM D422, ASTM D318, ASTM D5084 and unit weight. Currently, our clay is used at the Bridgeport Speedway. They chose DunRite because our clay allows water to run off and gives drivers the traction they need.

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