All soils consist of sand, silt and clay. Infield mix is the combination of these components to create a field that is easy to maintain while maximizing safety, playability, drainage and appearance.

Our Infield Mix is known to keep its texture, color and firmness through even the longest season. Our Infield Mix is scientifically balanced to provide professional quality infields for colleges, schools, park, and municipalities that will set your fields apart.

Elite Infield Mix

Less than 15% clay, less than 4mm sand particles
Easier to maintain, less sensitive to moisture.

“Our infield has kept its texture, color and firmness throughout a very long season. We have 300 players and five traveling teams. That means a lot of play.”

– Lance Taylor, Millville Little League

Deluxe Infield Mix

15-20% clay, less than 4 mm sand particle
Stays in place with care and water as needed.

“Your product’s consistency and quality have made my jobs efficient and a pleasure”

– Anthony Castellini, ballfield owner

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Warning Track Mix in black, red, blue

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